Air Conditioning Hygiene

By Coil Clean Services

Hygiene |  Repairs  |  Maintenance

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We service and clean all HVAC&R equipment:

Cassette & Split Air Conditioning, 

Air Handling Units and Fan Coil Units,

Ductwork, Grills, and Registers,

Refrigeration Evaporators and Condenser Coils,

Display cases & merchandisers.

Coil Clean Services


'The technician dismantling and cleaning your air-con is also qualified to service and repair your equipment'


Coil Clean Services, are air conditioning and refrigeration contractors specialising in hygiene cleaning and maintenance.

We are ARC licensed with trade qualifications for HVAC, refrigeration, and mechanical services. We offer our hygiene service as well as full service, repairs, and maintenance of all air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.


Our specialised service will ensure:

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality,

  • Removal of Mould and Biofilms

  • Reduced Running Costs,

  • Increased Equipment Reliability,

  • Avoiding Expensive Breakdowns & Call-Outs,

  • Maintaining Temperature & Design Conditions.


Call Daniel on 0447 112 952 or email us at [email protected]


Coil Clean Services

Coil Clean Services can validate and report on air conditioning hygiene and remedial work. Our technicians are licensed, and trade qualified for all air conditioning and refrigeration work. 

We fully support our service by confirming the correct operation of your system and refrigerant leak detection. We can provide full service and repairs for the refrigerant cycle, air handling equipment, controls and electricals as needed.