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Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Resources


Dirty Air Conditioning Efficiency

Using the example of a residential ducted air conditioner, we asses what is the realistic efficiency losses and additional power consumption when running a soiled air conditioning. There is also a brief review of the air conditioning process and major components.


Air Conditioning Efficiency and hygiene

This youtube video details the theoretical efficiency loss due to moderate soiling of the air conditioning unit. The video takes you through basic fan loss for air volume and power, airflow and sensible cooling capacity, and the refrigeration heat of compression.

How to clean air conditioning

License HVAC&R tradsman shares detailed instructions on how to clean your air conditioner. An accompanying youtube video shows highlights of cleaning a ducted residential fan coil unit.

Why clean air conditioning

HVAC Hygiene, Indoor Air Quality, Energy Efficiency, and many more reasons why you should consider scheduled cleaning of your air conditioning equipment.

Legislation & air conditioning

Legislation and licencing for the service and maintenance of air conditioning and refrigeration [RAC] equipment exist to protect you. Acts and regulation at the state and federal levels protect the end-users safety, the environment, and the interests of equipment owners.