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Coil Clean Services, Sydney. We provide refrigeration cleaning of the condenser and evaporator, fan coil units, shell and tube and all types of heat exchangers. We also offer case cleaning for merchandisers and display cases. Our service improves quality control of your product and reduces equipment breakdowns and downtime. 


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Trade qualified, licensed HVAC&R contractors. We can extend our service to provide full maintenance, service, and repairs for all Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration equipment



Why is Refrigeration 

Cleaning Important?

Inspection and scheduling of refrigeration cleaning for fan coil units are necessary as the evaporator coil is generally without filtration. Particles such as dust from carboard cartons and warehouse fork trucks and spilt product in merchandisers can become established over time leading to

  • reduced energy efficiency,
  • equipment reliability and service life issues,
  • poorly maintained temperature and product spoilage,
  • odours,
  • condensate drain water overspill.

Dust collects on the outdoor condenser coil, causing a raised high side pressure and accelerating the breakdown of refrigerant oils and wear of mechanical components. Efficiency and equipment service life is enhanced with regular cleaning of the condenser coils.


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