How to Clean Air Conditioning Filters

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How to Clean Your Air conditioning filter


Cleaning Your Air Conditioning Filters should be done monthly when regularly using air conditioning equipment.  Click on the accompanying YouTube video; License HVAC&R tradesman Daniel shares visual instructions on how to clean your ducted air conditioner filters. 


For washable filters, no fancy equipment is required, just a ladder and a vacuum cleaner. Alternatively, gently wash the filter with water using the garden hose, ensuring the filters are dry before reinstalling to avoid dripping water. (Comercial disposable filters should be inspected and changed at the prescribed pressure drop.)


Regular cleaning of the filter stops the build-up of dust and airflow restriction through the return air filter. If the filters become restricted the reduced airflow through the air conditioner will result in higher power bills, and reduced cooling capacity. In extreme cases, expensive compressor failure may result.


Regular cleaning of the filter also helps with air conditioning hygiene. A restricted filter will cause a higher air velocity through the 'free area' of the filter media, reducing filter efficiency and allowing more dirt to pass through. The build-up of dirt in air conditioning equipment and over condensation in the indoor coil will result in mould proliferation.


Cleaning your filters regularly will increase the time between hygiene cleaning, saving you money.


It is also important to note that if the filter media shows signs of stretching or thinning you should have washable filter media replaced during annual air conditioning service.