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ARCtick licenced and HVAC&R trade qualified.  

HVAC Hygiene Sydney


Coil Clean Services are HVAC hygiene and refrigeration coil cleaning specialists for Sydney. We know the best way to clean air conditioning and refrigeration equipment and have over fifteen years of experience in HVAC&R maintenances and service.


The Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC&R) sector is a highly skilled and legislated industry with many specialised services. HVAC hygiene is one such service requiring specialised and unique skill sets, training, and experience.


Coil Clean Services provides a low-cost opportunity to achieve higher energy efficiency for both air conditioning and refrigeration equipment while improving indoor air quality, IAQ.


The removal of accumulated dust particles, bacteria, and mould (fungal) growth in the indoor coil will improve air circulation and fresh air dilution, enhance control of design conditions, and lower energy usage. Cleaning of the outdoor condenser coil will increase the reliability of the equipment and reduce wear and tear, breakdowns, and energy consumption.


Our HVAC Hygiene Service

Our HVAC hygiene Service follows best practice.

Pressure cleaners specifically designed for air conditioning and refrigeration coils are used to eliminate the need for highly caustic cleaning solutions that can inadvertently damage and reduce the life of your equipment.


Dry cleaning of the air handling unit or fan coil unit is completed using vacuum equipment fitted with HEPA grade filtration.


Assessment and validation. Coil Clean Services can test, validate, and report on maintenance outcomes. We use calibrated instrumentation for air handling and refrigeration inspection and follow best practice guidelines. Validation and written reports follow AIRAH Best Practice Guidelines HVAC Hygiene.


Remedial and repair work. Mould remediation and replacement of contaminated equipment are also within Coil Clean Services capabilities. We can provide additional servicing of air conditioning and refrigeration plant, including full HVAC&R maintenance and repairs. We have experience in air balancing, Essential Safety Measures (HVAC Smoke System Maintenance), and refrigeration tunning and commissioning.


Service is provided by licenced and qualified Certificate III Air Conditioning & Refrigeration mechanics. Our supervising technician has over 20 years’ experience in HVAC&R maintenance, 

  • a diploma in HVAC & Refrigeration,
  • Certificate in Mould Remediation and Inspection,
  • Training in Essential Safety Measures (HVAC Smoke Systems Maintenance),
  • Operate Ammonia Refrigeration Plant, and Class A2/A2L and Hydrocarbon Refrigerants.


As part of our service, we can attend site, advise and supply the fitting of access panels, and related services to facilitate ongoing maintenance of the equipment. We follow best practice in the completion of our work. Site inspections and completion of our work are with reference to the following operation and maintenance standards and guides:

  • Australian and New Zealand Refrigerant handling code of practice
  • AIRAH Best Practice Guidelines HVAC Hygiene and AIRAH DA19 HVAC&R Maintenance,
  • AS/NZS 3666.2 Air-handling and water systems of buildings—Microbial control Part 2: Operation and maintenance
  • SAA/SNZ HB32 Handbook Control of microbial growth in air-handling and water systems in buildings.

Daniel is the owner-operator at Coil Clean Solutions.


"I am a mechanical tradesperson who started as a fitter-and-turner, working in the aluminium smelting industry. I have over twenty years' experience in refrigeration and air conditioning working in high rise commercial buildings, pharmaceutical, supermarkets, and industrial refrigeration. 

My personal experience is that a combination of scheduled and performance-based servicing of HVAC&R equipment reduce customers operating costs and increase the reliability of their equipment. In creating customer value, performance-driven service and analysis become tools to tune and maintain equipment rather than the usual limited scheduled checks that foster breakdowns and reactive work."