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air conditioning cleaning

Trade qualified professional clean and service for all air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. Coil Clean Services provides commercial and residential air conditioning cleaning, maintenance, and repairs for Greater Sydney. Our cleaning process removes contaminants and mould from your air conditioner so you can breathe easier knowing that your air conditioner runs efficient and your air is clean.

Commercial Air Handling Unit

For commercial and industrial air conditioning cleaning, please email or call 0447 112 952 to arrange an inspection and quote. 
Our Lead Technician has over 20 years' experience in commercial and industrial HVAC&R, formal training in Mould Remediation and Inspection, Essential Safety Measures (HVAC Smoke Systems Maintenance), and a diploma in HVAC & Refrigeration and trade qualifications. 

Split Air Conditioning

For enquiry, please email, or call 0447 112 952

We disassemble fan coil units and split systems to completely clean away dank odours, mould, and soiling. We pre-clean surfaces using a HEPA grade vacuum. Food-grade cleaning solution, non-reactive with the air conditioning coil is used too clean non-porous surfaces. The coil and blower fan is mechanically cleaned using a pressurised cold water jet.

Our technicians are fully licenced and can provide complete maintenance, diagnostics and repair of all air conditioning equipment.

Licensed & Trade Qualified HVAC&R and Mechanical Services

We complete refrigeration and air conditioner cleaning using professional cleaning equipment and proven methods—Hygiene verification with full documentation on completion of work and invoicing. 


ARCtick licensed for servicing refrigerant systems, and NSW licenced contractors for air conditioning and refrigeration work.  We don't compromise the warranty of your air conditioner equipment; our technicians are trade qualified and licenced for service and repairs of all HVAC&R equipment and related mechanical services.

air conditioning Cleaning?

Air conditioning Cleaning is an essential but often overlooked maintenance task required for the efficient and healthy conditioning of your indoor environment. In the conditioned space, the air you breathe passes through the air conditioners evaporator coil. Inspection and scheduling air conditioner cleaning is vital when managing indoor air quality.

Contaminants induced into the return air stream of air conditioning equipment include pollens and spores, dirt, human skin cells, and fibres. As filtration is never 100% efficient at catching all particles, a build-up of contaminants on air-conditioning coils will occur over time. These fine particles can become nutrients for colonising mould in air conditioning equipment, causing a further reduction in airflow and heat transfer.
A restricted and soiled coil will lead to reduced energy efficiency and decreased equipment reliability. A reduced service life, poorly maintained indoor design conditions, odours, and health and safety issues associated with fresh air dilution, mould, and higher humidity will result from reduced air conditioning hygiene.
Both air-conditioning and refrigeration systems reliability and efficiency can be further enhanced with regular cleaning of the indoor coils and outdoor condensing coil.



Health and Safety and Indoor Air Quality.

Indoor Air Quality [IAQ] is impacted on by pollutants such as particulates from fungi and microbial contamination, dust mites, carbon dioxide, and air toxins like formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds [VOC]. A build-up of these contaminants can impact IAQ with effect on occupants’ comfort and health. 
Microbial contaminants established and proliferate within the air handling equipment and air conditioning coils over time. Restricting airflow and limiting air changes within the conditioned space result. In commercial buildings, the IAQ issue exacerbates with a reduced ability to dilute pollutants with fresh outdoor air, and design conditions are no longer achievable.

Image by Rebecca Smith, "Air Conditioning Coil Clean", Coil Clean Services 2018

About Sydney - Climate and Air Conditioning Design & Maintenance.

Sydney is New South Wales state capital and the most populous city in Australia. It has a subtropical climate with mild cool winters and hot summers. 

Sydney's hottest weather is from December to March where you are most likely to experience average temperatures ranging between 22 degrees Celsius and 30 degrees Celsius.

On average, the warmest month is January, with the average maximum temperature of 29.6°C in 2017 and the hottest day being 45.8°C in 2013 (

Air conditioning design for comfort application should maintain indoor conditions for an ambient temperature of 31.1°C DB / 22.7°C WB in summer, and 7.2°C in winter (AIRAH DA09).

Coil Clean Services recommends scheduling regular maintenance and annual air conditioning cleaning. Maintenance with air conditioning cleaning is best done before July or January to maximise efficiency and avoid breakdown of equipment when you need it most for cooling or heating.



AIRAH, DA09 Application Manual: air conditioning load estimation.

Image by Holger Link (Unsplash, 2020),